• aromatherapy gift pack, ceramic candle, essential oil, home perfume, buddha wood kit for grounding ritual
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Jiwa ~ Soul

Derived from Sanskrit language, Jiwa translates to Soul. Our mission is to reconnect us to the Soul of the plants and the community. In the world where mass production is the norm, choose connection.

- Dea, Jiwa Botanics -

Home Perfume

Buddha Wood Collection (Grounding)

Larapinta Collection (Australian outdoor)

Gift Packs

Sacred Hinoki Collection (Meditative)

Rose Balsam Collection (Balancing)

Aromatherapy Candle

Simple Luxury

Adding a touch of luxury for your scent journey. We believe in creating products that help foster Hygge ~ the feeling of contentment and well-being ~ in your daily life. Curated from plant-based ingredients.

"From little things, big things grow"

~Paul Kelly

It's our core belief that our actions should create positive impacts to ourselves, the community and the Earth. Your choices matter, choose mindfully. We dedicate $1 from each product sold, towards selected charity.

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