Our Story

Welcome Friend! So glad that you’ve stopped by. This is the story of how it all began..

How it all began

The inspiration for creating a social enterprise and giving back to the community sprouted when I was visiting Morocco. What caught my attention was how one area of production can provide the necessary support (education, basic lifestyle, empowerment) to the locals, especially empowering the local women. As I returned to Melbourne, covid-19 pandemic hit, and again, I saw its massive impact on the global economy. I thought “would it be wonderful if we can help, one way or another.”

It has all evolved organically, from ideation, formulation, creation to application. A client of mine asked if she could purchase a room spray (Buddha Wood) that I used while hosting a yoga class. Fast forward, the oil blend and room spray have been a staple supply for the health clinic.

I'm so humbled by the opportunity to collaborate with various businesses and stockists. 


I truly believe that our actions should create positive impacts to ourselves, the community and the Earth.

For ourselves, we aim to create products that are all natural, plant-based, low toxins, and create a sense of wellbeing through olfaction and scents. 

For the community, we dedicate $1 from every bottle sold to selected charities. Additionally, each essential oil is sourced from suppliers that ethically support local growers from Australia and globally.

For the Earth, we opt for bio-degradable or no plastic for our mailer packaging. Also, we offer two candle packaging options: kraft paper (less waste) or custom box (perfect for gifting).

I hope you enjoy our products and let's choose mindfully. Support our planet and each other, always.



Yours in Wellness,

Dea Sani