Larapinta Collection (Australian outdoor)

Key notes: Fir Balsam | Australian Lavender | Eucalyptus | Sandalwood

A quintessential Australian outdoor scent, inspired by a childhood memory of Eucalyptus.

The scent takes your imagination to travelling through an Australian hiking trail, on a summer day. 

The sweet, balsamic pine of Fir Balsam mingles the unmistakenly fresh Eucalyptus, alongside the earthy, floral Australian Lavender. Kunzea and Rosemary add a little coastal vibe among this forest fresh heart note, that is transitioned smoothly by the uplifting Lemon Myrtle. All of these are softened by the mellow, sweet citrus fresh of Australian Mandarin and a touch of mint.

The woody base notes combo is curated to project the dry, lemony woody scent with a hint of balsamic, floral back note of Sandalwood.

Forest | Woody