Buddha Wood Ceramic Candle

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Essential oil candle made of coco-soy wax blend infused with our custom Buddha Wood blend.

Key notes: Bergamot | Buddha Wood | Frankincense

Scent profile: Woody-whiskey, soft citrus.


Stable Hand Studio x Jiwa Botanics

Candle bowls by Stable Hand Studio.

Currently Supported Project

Empowering Women and Children - Year 1

A project to provide holistic education to 394 households and working with women to provide livelihood skills so they can generate income.

We've chosen to dedicate 50% profit from the Ceramic Candle range toward this beautiful project. Entrust Foundation relays 100% of donations received to the selected projects.

Candle Specification

Volume: 220gr - 280gr.

Total weight: approx. 550gr.

Burn time: 50+ hours.

You will receive the item as shown in the picture.


Coconut-soy wax blend, 100% essential oils, absolutes, FSC certified woodwick or cotton wick.

Please refer to each scent profile page for full ingredients of the oil blend.

Candle care

Woodwick might take 2-3 attempts in lighting, so be patient. Overall, it's very low maintenance, no need to trim wood wick before each lighting. 

For cotton wick, please remember to trim it to 5mm before lighting to avoid soot and big flame.