Lemon Myrtle Duo

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A cheerful blend designed to rejuvenate tired minds and make you smile. Treat your senses with this gift pack containing our Lemon Myrtle room spray and pure oil blend.

Playful | Uplifting

Key Notes

Lemon Myrtle | White Cypress | Cedarwood

Indulge in the playful lemon scent of Australian Lemon Myrtle, complemented by a slightly fruity, floral citrus note of the prized Verbena. The mellow herbal Sweet Marjoram and spacious, pine-like aroma of White Cypress Leaf adds softness to the bright party. The finishing touch of Virginian Cedarwood and double distilled Vetiver provide a warm woody, earthy resting ground for your scent journey.

Full Notes

Top: Lemon Myrtle, Verbena, Lemon.

Middle: White Cypress Leaf, Sweet Marjoram.

Base: Virginian Cedarwood, Vetiver.